Vegitation around Foundations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As we have noted in previous blogs, it is very important to keep the area around the basement of your home as dry as possible. Expansive soils present in all of the areas (to some degree) along the front range will swell and shrink as a result of changes in moisture. During three inspections this fall in Parker Colorado, and Aurora Colorado, I noted a few issues with the potential to create problems with the foundations of the homes inspected. As pictured above, these bushes are located directly next to basement and foundation walls. There is insufficient drainage away from the home in the area where these bushes are located. The moisture will remain in the soil which can cause swelling soil. In addition, the root systems may cause damage to the foundations if they become large enough as illustrated by the large tree pictured below. It is recommend that bushes not be planted within 5 feet of the foundation, and large trees not be located within 10 feet of the dwelling.