Unwanted Intruders

These are some examples of intrusions into buildings I have found during inspections in Denver and Aurora Colorado. The first image shows an active bird’s nest in the soffit of the home, and the second is an apparent entry and exit point for squirrels. It is very important to monitor the outside of your home to prevent this type of activity, and to make and take immediate steps to seal any opening which may be used by birds or rodents. When animals set up shop in the attic or walls of a home or building, they can cause damage to the building components such as the rafters, joists and stud-walls. Squirrels and mice have been known to chew through wiring and pipes presenting any number of problems for the owner. An infestation like one of these also presents obvious health risks from droppings deposited in the internal cavities of the building. Rodents and birds do not need to create an obvious breach in the structure like those illustrated here. They can enter through gaps in the siding and soffit area, fascia, and roof vents. If you become aware of the possibility of an intrusion of animals, a professional exterminator can be retained to both remove the birds or rodents, and seal the points of entry into the home to correct the problem. Our family experienced a squirrel attack to our attic this spring, and the professionals were able to remove the squirrels humanely, relocating them to open space away from our home, while I sealed up the siding and vents to prevent any further intrusion.