Unsafe Room Addition Construction

This is a room addition which was photographed during a home inspection conducted by my company, Magpie Property Inspections, of a home located in Littleton Colorado. During the home inspection, it became clear that there were a number of concerns with the condition of the room addition and the way in which is was constructed.

We found holes in the flooring inside which revealed that 2×4 joists were laying over a 4 inch deep concrete slab to support the interior floor structure with no support or attachment to the existing building. An examination of the perimeter indicated that the whole structure was built on top of this patio slab and it was very unlikely that there are stem walls and footings underneath to support the walls and roofing properly as is required with standard home construction. This has allowed the walls to move and separate away from the house inside. A flat roof was installed which appears to allow water to pool and not drain effectively. In short, it was clear this added room was done without regard to building codes and standards and could not have been inspected and approved by the local building authority.

Room additions, finished basements and remodeling projects should always be done by qualified people using approved materials and in compliance with the current building standards which are in force in the locality in which the work is completed. This will prevent having a situation like this from becoming a safety concern for the occupants of the home. In this case, our clients have correctly decided to have the room addition removed.