Unsafe Exterior Electrical Fixtures and Outlets

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Pictured above are examples of two exterior electrical outlets on homes that I photographed during home inspections which were conducted in  Aurora Colorado and Parker Colorado. Both represent an important safety concern which is fairly common on homes I see as a Home Inspector. In some cases like the photo on the left, improper interior type outlets have been installed by an unqualified person on the outside of a home. In other cases, the correct exterior outlet is either broken or damaged in some way. Whatever the reason, it is not safe to have any electrical outlet with live ungrounded wiring exposed to weather or water from any cause. Water intrusion into an outlet can lead to a short or fault damaging the system,  cause a fire or more importantly, dangerous electrical shock to a person nearby.  Current updated exterior outlets are available from a variety of home improvement stores and can be installed by homeowners who follow the instructions properly or qualified electrical contractors. It is a good idea to check your outside outlets and make sure they are safe.