Trip Hazard – Walkways and Driveways


This is a common issue that we find on homes 10 years or so and older. This home is located in Parker Colorado. Trees that were small when planted, create problems with concrete slabs and foundations as they reach maturity. In this case, the tree is now lifting a section of the sidewalk over 1 inch above the section next to it, and it now is beginning to create a safety hazard. In a situation like this, the section of the sidewalk can be removed and replaced, have additional material applied over it to level the surface, or in some cases, lifted and leveled by mud jacking. The tree should be removed at this point. In this case, it is within 6 feet of the foundation, and it can be expected to cause further issues down the road. Its always best to keep trees and large shrubs at least 10 feet from foundations or concrete surfaces.