Tracking Moisture Damage During a Home Inspection.

During a recent home inspection on a new home in Denver Colorado, my company, Magpie Property Inspections,  found that a drain line from the plumbing above this living area was leaking. After testing the bathroom fixtures upstairs, a pool of water was noted on the floor below as indicated in the first photo. Since the water was not continuing to collect in this area it was apparent the leak was coming from a drain line and not a fresh water pipe.  Through the use of our infra-red camera, we were able to follow the pool of moisture behind the wall, through an electrical outlet to a wall area above the outlet as indicated in the second and third photos. The darker areas on the infra-red photos indicated cooler temperatures which can be an indication of moisture, particularly when it looks like this.  A moisture meter was then used to locate the area where the greatest moisture intrusion was noted as shown in the fourth photo. It was possible to mark the wall area indicated in the fifth photo as the logical place to start demolition to locate the leak in order to repair the problem. This will also help the contractor to inspect the affected area to remove and repair all the areas of the structure which have incurred water damage.  Tools like these are used by qualified contractors to help expedite repair and reduce the amount of damage needed to address a problem with moisture intrusion or leaking.