Synthetic Stone Siding


These two photoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgraphs were taken on a recent home inspection in Castle Rock Colorado. As you can see, the synthetic stone applications have not been installed correctly. There are gaps in the mortar around the stone which has allowed moisture to get in the interior wall sheathing and stud wall. This condition occurred during the initial installation process by the builder and has resulted in the need for removal of the stone, removal of damaged structural members and replacement of the stone. Then the entire wall needed to have the grout replaced where it was cracked or missing to seal the in the stone in order for the siding to function properly and prevent moisture penetration. It is important to make sure if you have these materials on your home, to check for cracks or openings in the stone and mortar and have it maintained if and when they appear. Even though a home may be new, it may still have problems that need to be corrected with this type of exterior finish.