Structural Distress – Exterior Signs

During a home inspection in Aurora Colorado conducted by my company, Magpie Property Inspections, these photos were taken of signs of significant movement and distress to this structure. The window and door frames are out of square in several places. The face brick has cracked along vertical lines from foundation to eave and improper repairs have been made which do not address likely movement and cracking to the foundation. This home was built in the mid 1950’s on a slab, and it was not possible to inspect the stem walls or footings under the house to look for major cracking and deflection of the walls and slabs. Given that this has occurred on all the exterior walls, it is very likely this has occurred. A situation like this calls for a  full evaluation of the structure by a qualified structural engineer to conduct the needed examination of the outside and hidden supportcomponents to determine the appropriate remedy to make the home structurally sound.