Residential Roof Types – Part 1

Pictured above are common types of residential roofing which you may see in the Denver Colorado area. I took these photos while conducting inspections in Parker Colorado, Castle Rock Colorado, and Lakewood Colorado. These roofing types all have one thing in common. They are all composition type roofing. That means, they are made with a base layer of heavy saturated felt material (normally thick paper which is saturated with roofing tar) with a layer of asphalt applied over the base layer and ground up stone granuals applied over the base layer. The photo in the upper left corner is of older 3 tab shingles. These were popular for many years and you still see them on a number of houses. The upper right photo is the more current type of composition shingles on the market which are known as dimensional or architectural shingles. They are manufactured in the same way as the 3 tab shingles with abase layer of saturated felt with granuals applied. The third picuture is a third type of composition roofing, known as rolled roofing. It has this name because it is manufactured in rolls which are 36 inches wide. The rolls of roofing are laid out on the roof surface in strips and sealed along he edges with roof coat cement to seal the seams to make the surface water tight. Rolled roofing is normally applied to flat, or relatively flat surfaces as it is designed to be applied and sealed in a manner which prevents water from entering beneath the material. 3 tab and dimensional style shingles must be applied to sloped roof surfaces where there is at least 3 feet of pitch for every 12 feet of run. All are nailed or stapled in place over the roof decking which has been prepared with a single layer of 15 pound felt applied for added protection against seepage.
Composition shingles are being replaced to a large degree by fiberglass composition shingles which look much the same as the felt type, but with a base layer of fiberglass material in place of the saturated felt. In next week’s blog we will look at that type of shingle, rolled roofing membrane with a fiberglass base, wood shingles, and tile. You won’t wont to miss the next exciting episode.