Prior Smoke/Fire Damage


I inspected the attic of this home in Aurora Colorado and found that the house had incurred some significant smoke damage at some time prior to the pending sale. My client as a first time home buyer which was a part of the reason she decided to hire Magpie Property Inspections to look at the home. During the inspection process, I looked over the house closely and as usual, left checking the attic as one of the last areas to be inspected. Prior to looking into the attic, I did not notice anything that indicated there had been a fire in the home, and I did not detect any smoke odor. As you can see from the photos, there is smoke damage evident on the roof decking, but it looks like the attic insulation was likely replaced as it is clean and odor free. The fact that there was some time of smoke event in the attic does not mean that there is serious fire damage in the home which was not repaired, but it was something which needed to be investigated further. In this instance, our client had a contractor check into the attic and interior framing to see if there was hidden damage as part of the condition of sale. It was determined the home was safe, and some cleaning was conducted to remove the smoke damage in the attic.