Overgrown Vegetation and Debris Can Lead to Damage to Structure.


In an earlier post submitted by my company, Magpie Inspections LLC, we discussed vines and vegetation damaging an electrical panel which is presenting a Safety hazard. These photos were taken during home inspections we conducted in Parker and  Littleton Colorado earlier this year. Two of the photos illustrate how  vines and shrubs have grown up onto siding, covered the gas meter, window well and fencing almost completely. The other photo shows firewood and other wood debris stacked up against the wood siding of a home. This type of debris and vegetation attracts insects, rodents and reptiles and having this situation can lead to moisture and insect damage to wood structural components and rodent infestation. It also covers deterioration that may be occurring to the home. In addition, watering within 5 feet of the foundation is never a good idea, particularly here in the Denver Metro area, because of the type of expansive soils present in most areas that can contribute to putting hydro static pressure on basement and foundation walls and lead to structural problems. At Magpie Property Inspections, we recommend always keeping the area around the perimeter  clear of  debris and vegetation.