Moisture Concerns with Windows

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This is an example of why it is important to monitor the windows on your home. These images were taken during a recent home inspection my company, Magpie Property Inspections, conducted in Parker Colorado. The photos on the left and center were taken of a front window. The vinyl window frame has worked loose from the seal, and the insulation and wall framing inside has been exposed. It was likely caused by heat and exposure to the sun over time which caused the vinyl material to warp. In this case, moisture could enter into this cavity causing water damage and eventually, wet rot. If enough moisture damage occurs, and is not able to dry, it is possible mold could develop.

The third photo was taken on the other side of the house. In this case, the siding under the old wooden frame window appears to have moisture damage from the back off the material. It is possible the widow frame is leaking and water may be entering the wall somewhere around the frame and running down the siding inside the wall. While these indicators of potential problems are visible, there was no water damage found to the interior walls. That is why it is important to take a look at the siding, gutters and windows on your home periodically and look closely for any warping, bulging or openings in the trim or siding and have any defects evaluated by a licensed professional contractor.