Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems.

Pictured above is a mini split AC system which was inspected during a home inspection conducted by my company, Magpie Property Inspections, in Aurora Colorado. A mini split AC system is a ductless system for indoor climate control. Each mini split system features an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit as these photos illustrate. A system like this allows a homeowner to provide conditioned air to a room which does not heat or cool very well with the current system, or to additions or basements which do not contain ductwork or connection system to a current system.

Mini split units are connected with copper tubing and electrical wire. In most cases these systems are intended primarily to provide air conditioning. The outdoor unit pumps refrigerant through the tubing into indoor units. A fan dispenses the resultant cold air across the inner unit’s evaporator coil, cooling the room or area to the desired temperature.

The mini split is, however, a versatile climate control system that cools during the summer and heats during the winter. This system is ideal for addressing homes not outfitted with ducting, such as homes heated by boilers. It is also commonly used in new homes that can’t readily accommodate traditional AC due to space constraints. Mini split installation only requires drilling 3 to 4 inch holes in floors or ceilings to connect indoor and outdoor components.

 Mini splits operate quietly and are also expandable.  Another advantage to these systems is that reducing ductwork can improve energy efficiency. In addition, mini splits are relatively small and are easy to integrate into interior designs and exterior smaller areas. A qualified HVAC company can provide an evaluation on adding a system to your home if this might provide a solution to solving a problem to your heating and cooling needs.