Inspecting Settlement Damage in Attics


These photos were taken during a home inspection completed by my company, Magpie Property Inspections, in Denver Colorado. If you look closely at the two photos of the garage (the roofline photo and the driveway) you will notice something interesting. The garage foundation wall has settled about 3 inches on the right side of the photo, and with it, the house roof line between the garage and the house. The owner of the house had put in a shim along the bottom of the garage door in an attempt to disguise the problem by making the door fit along the driveway look OK, by closing the gap which would have been there given the slope of the slab after the settlement.
An inspection in the attic, as illustrated in the last photo, revealed the damage to the ridge-board and rafters from the settlement.
This situation is a good example of why it is important to check out all the components and cavities of a building that can safely be inspected. In this case, the attic was the best indicator of what had happened and the severity of the damages to the structure. It was critical that our client be aware of the need for expensive repair to not just the slab outside, but of the stem wall and rafter/roof system to this property.