Inspecting for Hidden Problems in the Making


These two photos illustrate unseen problems in the making. The first picture was taken during a home inspection in Parker Colorado. This is the main sewer line which is running through the owner’s crawlspace. It is being suspended by the appropriate type of strapping, but as you can see, the strapping is secured to a 2X4 nailed to the bottom of the floor joists. Unfortunately, the 2X4 is not nailed or screwed properly. If this support were to fail, it is likely in this case that the sewer line would open at the nearest joint, with very unpleasant and costly results.
With respect to the photo below, this was taken in the attic of a residential property during a home inspection in Denver Colorado. Pictured is a vent pipe running from a swamp cooler unit to ductwork located in the ceiling areas of the home. It has been secured with bailing wire wrapped and nailed to the rafters. Ducts should be suspended for roofing members with the appropriate gauge metal strapping with screws or nails to insure a permanent installation. In this case, the wire could easily come loose or fail as it is not heavy enough material to handle this much weight with any certainty over time.
The last couple blogs have dealt with looking into areas of your home that are easily forgotten from time to time to check on potential problems that might be lurking. A quick survey of the attic and crawlspace annually may save difficult repair and expense later.