Improper Drain Waste and Vent line installation in Basement Finish

These photos were taken during a home inspection conducted by my company, Magpie Property Inspections, in Aurora Colorado. Drain, waste and vent lines installed during a basement finish were improperly installed in the gap between the sole plate ( a 2 x 4 which is connected to the concrete floor) and the bottom plate of the stud wall on framing using floating wall construction. Floating wall construction involves installing walls which are suspended from the floor joists above with a 3 inch gap between the sill and sole plates on the stud walls and floor to allow the concrete floor to move without damaging the structure. This is required when the slab is installed on grade in most localities along the front range in Colorado because of the expansive nature of our soil. Having these plumbing lines route in this manner can interfere with the ability of the concrete slab to move in the event of a change in the soil conditions which could cause soil expansion. They could also be damaged if this were to occur causing water damage. It is apparent this work was not completed in accordance with accepted standard practice and it is very unlikely the work was inspected and approved by the local building department with jurisdiction. Having a basement finished, an addition completed, kitchen or bath updated or other significant construction work completed should be done by qualified individuals and inspected and approved to prevent problems like this from occurring.