Hard to Notice Plumbing Leak in Basement

These photos were taken of an interesting leak we encountered during a home inspection which was done in Parker Colorado.  Our company, Magpie Property Inspections, found and active leak which was showing up in an unfinished utility room in the basement. It became apparent after checking further that the most likely cause of the leak was the toilet in an adjoining bathroom. It appears the seal at the base of the toilet where it rests on the drain line is not seated properly, or has some wear or damage.

What made this interesting was that the active leaking was not causing water damage to visible walls in the basement bath or hall area between the likely source of the leak and the drain in the utility area. It could be possible not to notice this was going on for some time if the utility area was not checked or entered. It became apparent the water was somehow moving under the ceramic tile and becoming visible in an unfinished area pictured .

This situation is a good reminder to check around your home now and then; look in areas you don’t use often, closets, basement rooms, garages etc. to make sure there are no small leaks or other problems occurring in remote places that could be happening undetected.