Hail Damage – Fiberglass and Composition Roofing

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This is a heavy fiberglass base composition shingle roof which is only a few months old. It is on a property that was inspected during a routine home inspection in Littleton Colorado by my company, Magpie Property Inspections. As you can see , there is hail damage to both the vents and shingles. As a rule, this type of roofing is considered hail resistant because of its weight per 100 square feet of material, which is approximately 330 pounds. This type of thick shingle is still susceptible to damage as is the case with this home. Hail of sufficient size will dent metal vents, valleys, flashing and caps on a roof as well as bruise the shingles. When the roofing material is damaged like this roof, the granule layer on the shingle is removed and star cracks are often formed which will then begin to grow in size with weathering. This greatly accelerates the wear on a roof and can eventually lead to performance failure and leaking. An inspection of the roof following a serious hail event is always a good idea to see if anything like this type of damage is evident.