Garage Fire Rated Doors – Steps

G S Short 137

As owner of Magpie Property Inspections LLC, it is important to review garages and garage access doors for safety. During a recent home inspection in Aurora Colorado I noticed several issues with this door which provides access to the interior of the home from the garage. First of all, the step up from the floor to the door opening is approximately 13 inches. Standard practice calls for steps to rise between 4 and 7 and 1/2 inches. This door needs to have a step installed under it for proper access. In addition, the door is not fire rated. It is a standard interior hollow core door. Doors between the house and garage must be fire rated which includes several types of doors which are either solid core wood doors, metal wrap type doors or steel doors. A standard pass door will not act as a sufficient fire retardant to meet this requirement. Lastly, the door was 30 inches wide. Standard practice for garage access doors is 32 or 36 inches. It appears that this door was installed by a previous owner without a building permit. Having the correct type door and stairs in place in a garage is a very important safety measure.