Examples of Possible Asbestos Materials in Older Homes

Older homes which were built before before 1978, may contain materials which include asbestos. There are a number of items which may contain this hazardous material, and if you are concerned that your home may contain asbestos in its construction, you may consider having a qualified interior environmentalist inspect and test your home for your peace of mind. Below are four photos of some commonly found materials which can contain asbestos observed during home inspections conducted by our company, Magpie Property Inspections located in Parker Colorado. Generally, If asbestos material is present, this is not necessarily a safety concern as long as the material is not loose or particles of material are airborne. If the material appears loose or damaged, or you are concerned, we suggest contacting a qualified environmental specialist to test and evaluate as noted.

Here are a few examples of items found in homes that may require further investigation:

Sprayed acoustic or “popcorn” ceiling in a home in Centennial Colorado may have had asbestos included in the mix if installed before 1978.


Some older homes have material like this wrapped around the ductwork to provide insulation. If you have something like this home located in Denver Colorado has, check to make sure it is not loose. If so, or if it appears suspicious, it is advisable to have it evaluated by a qualified expert.

Older square acoustic ceiling tiles manufactured during the 1940’s 50’s. 60’s and 70’s have been know to contain asbestos.

The floor tiles in this home in Lakewood Colorado appear to be older, and the home was constructed curing the 1950’s.  As you can see it is broken and loose. Given  the age of the home and condition of the tile, it would be advisable to have it tested.

Removal of any building components which contain asbestos should only be done under EPA approved guidelines, by qualified technicians to prevent contamination of other areas of the home. Improper removal could likely result in a heath hazard to occupants and others in the immediate area.