Drainage Around Foundations

The Colorado Geological Survey recommends in their “Publication 43” that homeowners take care to keep the soils around the foundation of their home free of as much moisture as possible. This includes installing gutter extensions which carry roof drainage from gutters and downspouts. The extensions should be at least 5 feet long, and should be installed at a height which will allow drainage away from the home and to an area which has sufficient grade to prevent the moisture from backing up toward the structure.
The front range in Colorado has moderate to high concentrations of expansive clay soils. These soils expand and contract when they become wet and absorb moisture, and then dry out. The degree of expansive soil content varies from location to location, but precautions should be taken in all areas along the front range in Colorado. The photo below is a home I inspected in Littleton Colorado and example of a home which needs to have extension installed.