Drainage around Foundations – Part 2

As discussed in the last post, drainage around foundations is a critical issue in Colorado as detailed in Publication 43 provided by the Colorado Geological Survey. The front range in Colorado has moderate to high concentrations of expansive clay soils. These soils expand and contract when they become wet and absorb moisture, and then dry out. The degree of expansive soil content varies from location to location, but precautions should be taken in all areas along the front range in Colorado. Pictured below is a drain which was installed adjacent to the basement wall and foundation on a home I inspected in Parker Colorado. Drains like this should be installed as part of an overall plan to control moisture penetration by professional contractors and/or engineers.
In this case, the area around the drain opening needs to be repaired to allow it to draw water correctly. The cement around the drain is cracked and has settled. In addition, The owner should make sure that the outlet is located downslope from the drain inlet with at least 6 inches of fall for every ten feet of run of drain line. The outlet must be free of grass and debris for easy drain flow.