Common Electrical Concerns Found During Home Inspections


When performing home inspections for my company, Magpie Property Inspections,  there are a number of  electrical issues we look for to address potential safety and performance problems which might be found in the subject property. Here are three items which are commonly found; these were noted in homes inspected in Parker Colorado and Denver Colorado.

The first photo was taken in a garage. Some one has added an additional outlet to the ceiling to power a garage door opener. In this case, the outlet is not secured properly, and the wiring hangs loose and is not secured properly. In addition, in most applications, depending on jurisdiction, wiring installed in garages should be covered in an acceptable covering called conduit to prevent the wring cover from being damaged exposing live wiring. This should be corrected by having a qualified electrician address the wiring and outlet as needed to meet current standard and practice.

The second photo illustrates a junction box which was installed connecting wiring runs in a basement. All junction boxes which house live wiring must have a secure cover in place to prevent exposing occupants from contact with wiring and prevent loose ungrounded conductors from contacting anyone.  The correct size and type of cover should be installed on this box.

The third photo was taken of an outlet which is damaged and was live when tested during the inspection. This is obviously dangerous as exposed  wiring is visible and could  cause as shock by casual contact. The romex wiring to the outlet is also kinked at the bottom which can restrict the electrical flow and cause the wire to heat and become a hazard. Electrical outlets should never be loose, have missing covers, and should have wiring installed corrected by qualified electricians. Electrical work is not the place for unskilled amateurs or lax maintenance.