Checking Attic Ventilation

An issue of major importance as a homeowner involves your attic and having proper ventilation. The photos above were taken at a home located in Aurora Colorado by my home inspection company, Magpie Inspections LLC, Parker Colorado.  They illustrate this point very clearly. When the attic was inspected on a very cold day, ice had formed on the plywood decking. This indicates that the ventilation in the attic is inadequate and that air is not able to flow efficiently enough to prevent condensation from occurring. The homeowner may have thought that he was saving money on heating by keeping warm air in the attic, but in fact, closing off or removing the vents does not significantly improve energy efficiency if the home is properly insulated. Interfering with the vents, or not having  effective vents, however, may cause the moisture level in the attic air to increase which can cause a situation like this to occur. When this type of condensation takes place over time, wet rot to organic components and corrosion to metal materials will likely be the result as pictured on the photo to the right. We recommend keeping all vents secure, clear and periodically checking your attic to make sure issues like this are not occurring.  If you see something in the attic which causes concern, contact a qualified contractor to inspect the roof, soffit, siding, attic and insulation and advise you on an appropriate remedy.